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Single Screw Extruder Manufacturer

Extrusion Machine Manufacturer In China

Extrusion Machine Manufacturer In China

Single Screw Expert - Tube, Hose, Profile, Small Diameter Pipes Extrusion Machines

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Why Us

PU tube extrusion line

Since 2008, Jinxin Machinery has been focusing on Single Screw polymer extrusion equipment manufacturing and improvements in precision extrusion.

Tube/Hose/Pipe/Profile | High Performance & Factory direct price with CE certificate. New traceable brand components & Global Warranty.

As a leading cost-effective but with excellent homogenization performance plastic extruder manufacturer, Whether you are an end-user, distributor, or importer, we are very happy to help you expand your business in the local market.

  • Over 80 customers distributed in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. 50% reordered in a short time
  • From before-sales consulting service to production and after-sales service, we will provide you a genuine turn-key project
  • Trusted by many well-known brands and purchased our machines. Easy to operate and extremely stable operation and capacity, maintain a good relationship with us

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