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Aerosol Dip Tube Extrusion Line

dip tube
aerosol dip tube

Dip tube extrusion line is the machine to manufacture the PP/PE dip tube inside of packaging bottles. The tube is to transport the fluid up from inside the bottle through the pump or spray dispenser. Thousands of plastic bottles and containers in our daily life using these tubes, such as Hygiene Products ( perfume, hair-care, skin-care, etc ), Pharmaceutical Products ( topical medications, sun protection, etc), and Industrial Products ( cleansers, garden care, etc) are using it.

Location: China

Material: PP/PE

Aerosol Dip Tube Extrusion line components

SJ45/30 Single Screw Extruder

Vacuum Sizing Water Tank

Haul-Off (Puller) Machine

Winding Machine

Other Auxiliary Accessories such as Auto Feeder etc.

dip tube

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic impact, caused the extensive use of hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and other personal protective cleaning products, which has sharply increased the demand for plastic containers with a pump or spray dispenser, therefore the demand for dip tube will also increase significantly.

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