Single Screw Extrusion Line

The extrusion line consists of an Extruder and Downstream machines, used to transform plastics into various products in a continuous manner. 

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Suitable Materials:


aerosol dip tube

Aerosol Dip Tube Extrusion Lines

Single screw extrusion systems for the production of  Polyethylene (LDPE, MDPE, or HDPE) or Polypropylene (PP)​ Aerosol Dip Tube used within Aerosols, Perfume Dispensers, etc.

Generally, the main purpose of the aerosol dip tube is to transport the fluid up from inside the bottle through the pump or spray dispenser. Thousands of plastic bottles and containers in our daily life using dip tubes, such as Hygiene Products ( perfume, hair-care, skin-care, etc ), Pharmaceutical Products ( topical medications, sun protection, etc), and Industrial Products ( cleansers, garden care, etc) are using it.

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pipe extrusion machine

Pipe Extrusion Machine-PP-R/PP/PE

Single Screw Extrusion for smooth pipes manufacturing. Primarily used for manufacturing PP-R, PE, and PP pipes with diameters from 16mm-315mm. Multi-layer PP-R pipes, PP-R fiberglass pipes, and other special requirements are customized.

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PLC single screw extruder

Tube Extrusion Machine

Complete extrusion line of single screw extrusion systems for Polycarbonate(PC), PMMA (Acrylic), and PETG Tube​ application.

The tube extrusion machine is generally used to produce hard tubing, raw materials such as PC, PMMA, and PETG. These tube applications including lighting tubing, sight glasses, electronics packaging, medical devices, and flow lines, etc.

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ps pipette extrusion lines

Medical Tubing Extrusion Line

Medical tubing extrusion line with medical-grade standards. Produce PVC soft tubing such as Infusion tubes, dialysis tubes, gas tubes, oxygen mask tubes, etc. And also PU DOW-2363 medical tubing

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pvc braided hose pipe extrusion line

PVC Braided Hose Pipe Extrusion Lines

JF Machinery provides a complete line for manufacturing PVC Braided Hose Pipe. Generally, this extrusion machine is manufacturing the braided hose with a diameter from 8mm to 50mm. In addition, customers also have the option to add the printing and other equipment to the machine to assist in printing color-coded lines or logos. 

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TPE tourniquet extrusion line

TPE Extrusion Machine

Extrusion line of single screw extrusion systems for a new modification plastics material-TPE/TPV. Not only tourniquets but also to produce the Elastic Stretching Band or Excise Band.

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pu tube extrusion machine

PU Tube Extrusion Machine

PU tube is the preferred pneumatic pressure hose in the pneumatic industry. The PU tube extrusion machine is characterized by high dimensional accuracy, uniform wall thickness, high-pressure resistance, fast production speed, and beautiful appearance.

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PVC window profile

PVC Profile Extrusion Line

The PVC Profile Extrusion Line is widely used for producing various PVC profiles, such as PVC window and door profile, PVC cable duct, etc. But our single screw machine can only use PVC granules as raw material, not powder.

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