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Knowledge about single-screw plastic extruder

The 34th CHINAPLAS 2021 is coming! The world's leading plastics and rubber trade fair, in addition, this is the only international rubber and plastic industry exhibition in the world this year. Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center will host the exhibition. We will exhibit from April 13th to April 16th, Booth: 6T11. Our main recommended […]

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What is Plastic Extrusion Machine Line - Single Screw Type

Section 1. Intro to Plastic Extrusion Machine Line   The plastic extrusion machine line refers to a complete production line for extruding plastic raw materials to end-shape products. It consists of an extruder(single screw or twin screw), head and dies, and downstream auxiliary machines.        The plastic extrusion machine lines mentioned in this […]

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Single Screw Extruder Reviews

How does a single screw extruder work? The working principle of the single-screw extruder is to heat the thermoplastic raw material to melt it, make the material move forward through pressure, form it through the mold, and then cool and fix it into the final product. The components of the extruder can be divided into the […]

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Gravimetric Dosing Controller Ideas

thinking design, creative solutions What is the gravimetric dosing controller? The gravimetric dosing controller is also called the gravimetric feeding system. It is a High Saving self-calibrating feeding system that doing based on weight in speed. Before using a gravimetric dosing system, the temperature difference between day and night, changes in the grid voltage, and […]

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