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gravimetric dosing controller

What is gravimetric dosing controller?

The gravimetric dosing controller also called the gravimetric feeding system. It is a High Saving self-calibrating feeding system that doing based on the weight in speed.

Before using a gravimetric dosing system, the temperature difference between day and night, changes in the grid voltage, and impurities in the raw materials will cause the extrudates to be heavier or lighter during the production. Therefore, The workers need to check whether the finished product is within the set weight range multiple times and then manually adjusting the traction speed.

The gravimetric dosing system is the solver of this problem. The stepper motor of it will automatically alter its speed when a change is detected in the material flow. Through the automatic calculation and sending command of the PLC system, the traction machine can adjust the speed by itself.

Advantages and Disadvantages of gravimetric dosing system


• Self-calibrating, Self-calculating and Self-adjusting

• Product quality control - No risk of overdoing

• Easy to operate - In touch screen with monitoring and reporting options

• High savings - Labour and raw material, and even time of start-up

• In-sensitive to risk - material build-up and material supply interruption


• The cost is more expensive than volumetric dosing system

Conclusion: Why we configure Gravimetric dosing system for some of our machine as standard?

Although the cost of using a gravimetric dosing system will be much higher than volumetric dosing system, we have it as a standard configuration of some models extruder without the need for customers to add extra money to choose.

The reason is that we hope that customers using some of the more expensive raw materials can reduce costs as much as possible. There is no need to waste raw materials in automatic recalibration, and it is not necessary to start the operation with the staff capable of manual recalibration.

With our complete PLC system, it can also be combined with the traction system to automatically control the traction speed. Integrated self-adjustment from the beginning of feeding to traction, ensuring the uniform quality of the final product.

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