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Plastic Hose Pipe Products


As a professional manufacturer of extrusion lines, we can not only provide you with equipment, but also with finished extruded hose pipe products.

We can better provide you with products that meet your needs and at a competitive price, while also ensuring your delivery deadlines.


ps pipette extrusion lines

Serological Pipettes Extrusion Lines

Pipettes are disposable plastic graduated pipettes. They were first introduced as a type of pipette to replace glass pipettes and are called serum pipettes because of their irreplaceable role in aseptic transfer of serum culture media. They are widely used in tissue culture, bacteriology, clinical and research experiments, and other fields that require aseptic operation to transfer liquids. We offer a complete set of equipment for the production of serum pipettes.

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smooth shower hose

Smooth Shower Hose

OEM PVC smooth shower hose is a new product line of JF machinery. Our shower hose is the ideal solution for any watering task in the bathroom. 

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garden hose

Garden Hose Pipe OEM-PVC

Our garden hose pipe is the ideal solution for any watering task in the garden, farmland, or orchards. Custom production based on your requirements for thickness, length, and other physical or cosmetic requirements

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