High Pressure Hose Pipe Extrusion Machine
High Pressure Hose Pipe (PVC/PU Fiber Braided)

In industrial applications, to transport liquids, chemicals, or gases safely and effectively, therefore, PVC braided hose pipe meets this requirement, the production tool for this product is plastic extrusion machine. Usually, the braided hose pipe's primary material is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC); Polyurethane (PU) is also possible. Its structure is a 2-layer or 3-layer flexible hose, reinforced with high tensile polyester fibers in the middle. Adding the high tensile polyester fibers can significantly improve the hose pipe's integrity and strength, suitable for high pressure and low-pressure applications in high and low temperatures.

PVC braided hose pipe structurer

Braided Hose Pipe Application:

Because braided hose has the following advantages: anti-extrusion, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-high pressure, and high durability. Therefore, it is suitable for conveying high-pressure combustible gas and liquid, heavy suction, and conveying liquid sludge. Its primary purpose is for compressed gas transportation and frequent cleaning fields. For example, garden hose, shower hose, natural gas transport tubes, washing machine water inlet, etc.

Applications of reinforced PVC tubing:

How to Produce PVC Braided Hose Pipe?

The extruder is the machine for producing PVC, PU reinforced hose. It including extrusion machines, head, shaping dies, water tank, haul-off machine, hose braiding machine, and subsequent storage device for finished products. 

PVC fiber reinforced hose extrusion line

What is Co-Extrusion?

Co-extrusion is a method of forming plastic products. In other words, this is a process in which different melt streams are fed through several extruders and merged in a composite head to obtain a multi-layer composite product.

Multi-layer extrudates compound with each other during the extrusion process. The product can get the particular requirements of performance and appearance—for example, the barrier effect of oxidation and moisture, coloring, heat preservation, thermal bonding ability. Besides, co-extrusion enhances the mechanical properties such as strength, stiffness, and hardness of the product.

Co-extrusion production benefits:

Reduce production costs, simplify processes, reduce equipment investment, no adhesives in the compounding process, and no pollutants.

Therefore, there are multi-layer reinforced braided hoses that need to be made by co-extrusion technology.

Factors Affecting the Quality of Braided Hose Extrusion?

As explained above, the production of braided hose pipe requires single-screw extrusion machines and co-extrusion technology. The extrusion machinery includes 2-3 extruders for extruding the inner and outer layers of the hose pipe, the composite head and the dies, the water tank, the pulling machine, the braiding machine, the heated oven, and the winding machine.

Factors that can affect the characteristics of reinforced Hose/Tubing in manufacturing

Safty, Chemical & Abrasion Resistant

These characteristic depends on the raw materials used by the manufacturer.

First, as long as it is a manufacturer, purchase raw materials that meet the requirements of regulations and product standards from compliant suppliers. Secondly, do not privately add formulas that will harm the human body or cause corrosion. So the tubing produced in this way is Safe and Chemical & Abrasion Resistant. 

Manufacturers need to use high-strength polyester fibers that meet the requirements to prevent the middle layer cracking due to the poor strength and elastic recovery of the raw materials.

Reinforced Durability & Reliable at High Working Pressure

These characteristic depends on the extrusion machinery, especially the braided knitting machine. The braided quality of the middle layer will affect the service life of the tube and the ability to withstand pressure. Specifically, whether the gap and shape of the diamond mesh are uniforms will directly affect the service life, torsion, and compression resistance.

In the following part, we will explain in detail the decisive factors of the braiding machine for the quality of the hose. In other words, this is why the key advantage of the braiding machine of the JF extrusion line.

How Can JF's Braided Hose Pipe Machine Benefits You?

knitting machine of yarn braided hose extrusion line
braiding machine of yarn braided hose extrusion line

The braided hose's production process is different from other regular hoses in that there is an additional braiding machine on the production line. The function of the braiding machine is to wind the high-strength polyester fibers on the outside of the inner layer hose. This braiding machine is also the aspect that can determine the durability and pressure resistance of the produced hose.  As a professional plastic extrusion manufacturer, the following will elaborate on the advantages of our braiding machine.

Consistent Pitch

As we can see from the picture, the middle strengthening layer is wound with high-strength polyester fibers into diamond mesh shapes. Polyester fiber itself has strength, abrasion resistance, and elastic recovery ability; also, woven into a diamond mesh with consistent pitch, the strength, abrasion resistance, and compression resistance of the entire hose are greatly improved.

JF Machinery's braiding machine uses TWO layers of tension adjustment. This ensures that the constant tension is transmitted more accurately, achieving a woven shape that has a Consistent Pitch.

braiding in process
braiding in process

Stability Assurance

Yarn braided machine of plastic reinforced hose extrusion line
Yarn braided machine of plastic reinforced hose extrusion line

The base of the entire fuselage is cast into blocks with solid iron. Sufficient weight can provide a very stable basement so that the machine can remain stable even in high-speed operation.

The spool's base disc's material is aluminum, and the reason is to prevent the machine from splitting due to centrifugal force during high-speed rotation.


As we know, the inner and outer double layers of the PVC braided hose pipe use PVC as material. As a result, the raw material of PVC is slightly corrosive, and it is easy to make machine parts rust. All 24 carriers and spare 4 carriers are all made of stainless steel.

To Conclusion

After years of accumulation, the design and materials of the JF braiding machine have been perfect in the process of constructing various braiding machines, and it is primarily for precise braiding and extrusion of high-performance high-pressure hoses. The braided hose pipes manufactured by these machines are far superior to traditional hoses in strength, appearance, and durability. The unique braiding machine is perfectly matched with other extrusion production equipment so that customers can obtain the most productive plastic extrusion machine for PVC braiding hose pipes.

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