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LED Lighting Profile Extrusion Line -
China High-Speed Rail Supplier (China)

The extrusion of plastic parts in LED lighting is a kind of plastic profile extrusion. Usually, Polycarbonate (PC) or Acrylic (PMMA) is used as raw material, and there are single-color and two-color co-extrusion.

Location: China

Material: PC/PMMA

Production line components:

Basic information of the customer

This customer is a factory specializing in the production of LED lighting, affiliated to a famous stock listed group company. Have their own lighting brand and do OEM for many big international brands, they need to increase the production line because won the bid to supply LED lamps to China's high-speed rail. Their extrusion line machines include Italian, Taiwan, German brands, and have their own mold design and production department.

This is the first time that they have purchased an extruder for a domestic brand. After many fields inspection and testing our machines, finally purchased our machines.

Our price advantage is obviously compared to the machines they use now, but this is not their most important point to care. Our configuration and design can make the quality of the products produced stable and excellent, and very simple maintenance is another important point. Because there are many manufacturers that can offer a lower price than ours, but they can't reach our configuration and production performance.

LED Lighting Profile Extrusion Line

Plastic Profile Extrusion Customer Testimony

♦ We have tried Italian machines and Taiwanese machines before but found that JF machines are the most suitable because the technology of configuration is not much worse than those of the world's big brands. The price of the machine is much cheaper than the big names. This is one point, but more importantly, simple operation and convenient maintenance are the most important.

♦ Allow technicians and people in the purchasing department to see all the parameters from the office computer, calculate the output and raw material reserves.

♦ The applied technology is practical, such as the gravimetric feeding system, without the start-up test time, saving raw materials and labor.

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