Yarn Braided Hosepipe Extruder

Yarn Braided Extrusion machine is used to produce multi-layer tubes reinforced with polyester braid in between for added strength.

Garden hose, shower hose, and gas hose. Even there are food-use hoses made out of special food-grade materials. 
Usable raw materials: 
PVC, Nylon, TPU
Single-screw extrusion machine manufacturer

Videos of Our Machines in Operation

The following content features videos of our extrusion equipment in operation, providing a visual representation that allows customers to gain a better understanding of the design and functionality of our machinery.

Our Machine's Advantages

At our company, we take pride in our state-of-the-art machines that are designed to cater to our customers' needs. Our machines offer several advantages that set us apart from the competition.


We provide tailor-made equipment parameters to meet our customers' exact requirements.


Our machines have precise extrusion capabilities that guarantee product quality.


We provide worry-free after-sales service, which includes the provision of replacement parts and on-site installation and debugging services.


We insist on using brand new authentic components with global warranties for all electrical components.
High Pressure Hose Pipe Extrusion Machine
smooth shower hose
PVC garden hose
Our extrusion equipment has two different configurations for controlling heating and temperature. 
temperature control single screw extruder

Intelligent Temperature Control Meter

The most common configuration is controlled by a temperature controller.
PLC single screw extruder

Touch Screen and PLC System

Controlled by a touch screen and PLC, allowing for more convenient and precise temperature control during the extrusion process.

Components of Complete Set of Equipment

The extrusion equipment we offer is a complete production line, consisting of everything from the conveyance and melting of raw materials to the molds used for product formation, as well as subsequent processes such as cooling, shaping, pulling, and cutting. Depending on the unique characteristics of each plastic material and product, we will configure the necessary machinery to complete all production processes required by our customers.

Main Single Screw Extruders

The main machine is the heart of the whole production line. We give you a suitable power configuration of the main machine according to the diameter and other dimensions of the products produced and the output requirements.
Braided hosepipes are basically multi-layer structured, so more than 2 main machines are needed to produce the inner outer layer or even the third layer.

Water Cooling Tanks

Water cooling tank is a machine used to reduce the temperature to minimize the chances of deformation while plastic raw material pass-through from the die head of the extrusion machine.
Braided hosepipes are basically multi-layer structured, so more than 1 water cooling tank is needed to produce the inner outer layer or even the third layer.
water cooling tank

Hual-Off Machine/Puller Machine

Haul off machine, also called puller machine. This kind of machine is used for pulled-out thermoplastic continuously and uniformly. We offer a wide range of belt and crawler haul-off units. Our simple machine operation, and constant speed synchronous drive make them the best solution for extrusions.
Braided hosepipes are basically multi-layer structured, so more than 1 haul off machine is needed to produce the inner outer layer or even the third layer.

Braiding Machine

Reinforced hose is normally made up of multi layers, the interlayer is a terylene fiber network, which has good chemical and physical properties. The requirement for the braiding machine is High Stiffness of threadings, Fine tension control, Winding stability, and no jitter in operation. 

Cutting Machine or Winding Machine

The final step after the product is produced, it can be cut or wound according to the customer's needs.

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Steps to Begin Your Equipment Procurement

Raw Materials

Let us know the raw materials you will be using for your production, such as PVC, PP, or PE. There are also special cases, such as PVC material, where our machines can only use granular materials and not powdered materials.

Samples or Drawings

Please provide samples or drawings. The more detailed product data available, the faster we can understand your product. Detailed data will help us produce molds and fine-tune the equipment's precise extrusion. 

Configure Parameters

We will configure various parameters of the equipment according to the customer's requirements and provide a detailed quotation. Customers can request changes based on their actual needs.

Commissioning of Machines

After production is completed, we will provide on-site installation services. If we are unable to go to the site, we will also provide you with a trial run of the machine at our factory. And will also provide a complete video of the machine test running. 


Our goal is to provide our customers with the most effective and efficient equipment, backed by unparalleled customer service and support.
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