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Aerosol Dip Tube/

Aerosol Dip Tube

Single screw extrusion systems for the production of  Polyethylene (LDPE, MDPE or HDPE) or Polypropylene (PP)​ Aerosol Dip Tube used within Aerosols, Perfume Dispensers, etc.

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What is an aerosol dip tube?


Generally, the main purpose of the aerosol dip tube is to transport the fluid up from inside the bottle through the pump or spray dispenser. Thousands of plastic bottles and containers in our daily life using dip tubes, such as Hygiene Products ( perfume, hair-care, skin-care, etc ), Pharmaceutical Products ( topical medications, sun protection, etc), and Industrial Products ( cleansers, garden care, etc) are using it.


The impact of the current COVID-19 epidemic has caused the extensive use of hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and other personal protective cleaning products, which has sharply increased the demand for plastic containers with a pump or spray dispenser, therefore the demand for dip tube will also increase significantly.


Moreover, if you are a manufacturer of plastic packaging containers, we provide a complete extrusion line for the production of a Dip tube in various sizes, and there are optional Cap Liner Foam Sheet Extrusion Line as well. Provide a complete set of extrusion machines needed to produce plastic spray or pump dispensers.


Advantages of our machine following


The significant advantage of our machine is energy efficiency, excellent homogenization performance, and even more, the important point is stability. Various configurations can be customized according to your needs, including what brand of electronic components are used, etc. Identically affordable machine prices and reduced production costs will make your products more competitive in the market.



aerosol dip tube

Aerosol Dip Tube Extrusion Line


Aerosol Dip Tube Extrusion Line Features:


  • Competitive price, energy savings, and noise reduction
  • Tube aesthetics
  • User-friendly touch screen operating panel with Simple and clear UI design
  • Maintenance-friendly and labor-saving
  • Process data recording and  automatic error reporting system to secure the tube quality
  • The use of world-famous brand new components with a global warranty
  • The complete turn-key solution according to your size and any other needs of the aerosol dip tube
  • Smart PLC control system
  • Stable extrusion


Samples for example


pump head

pump head



Components of the Aerosol Dip Tube Production Line in detail


The pictures and configuration are as an illustration only, and detailed configuration is required according to your needs.


Main Extruder     


main extruderSJ Series Extruder    

  • Screw and Barrel: especially for PE and PP material, also with special treatment
  • L/D Ratio and Other Sizes: According to products need
  • Hopper and Feeder: Drying and Automatic
  • Head and Die: According to products sizes and made by our own mold team
  • Motor: SIMENS or ABB
  • Inverter: ABB
  • Reducer (Gearbox): Hard gear surface
  • The motor and reducer connect with coupling instead of belt type



♦ Cooling and Sizing Table


cooling table


  • Length according to product needs
  • Made of SUS304 stainless steel
  • Multi-angle adjustable



♦ Puller Machine


  • Particularly small puller machine special for dip tube, the medium size dip tube will be configured other puller

small puller












1. Are You A Plastic Extrusion Machine Manufacturer?

Yes, We are. Jinxin machinery is responsible for production, and Firerymed trading is responsible for export business. We are partners, not another dealer or middle man.

2. What Is Your Company Specialized In?

We specialize in the manufacture of single screw extruders and downstream machines used to extrusion plastic products. Especially the extrusion line of tube, small diameter pipe, and lighting profile.

3. Where Is Your Factory Located?

Ningbo (Ningpo), Zhejiang Province, China. It has the world’s busiest container port. Convenient for the shipping of our machines overseas and saves inland shipping costs.

4. Why Should We Choose You Over Others?

We are confident that our pricing is significantly lower than competitors with similar configurations. We also have confidence that the quality and service. Most of our customers will continue to purchase our machines after use.

5. What Do You Think Is Your Biggest Advantage?

  1. Honest and sincere attitude is our first advantage, not how good we are boasting or how cheap our product seems to be.
  2. We offer bridges to your needs and our solution addresses your pain—”before VS after”.
  3. Our product is able to achieve your desired result and performance.
  4. Our market performance and customer referral allow for your joined trust.
  5. We obtained the appearance patent and practical patent of a system to ensure accurate production.

6. How Do You Ensure Your Product Quality?

The parts we purchase are all traceable and brand new. Must be tested for their performance, speed, and productivity by our team before delivery can provide the necessary video evidence to customers.

7. Will You Help Us Install And Debug The Machine?

Yes, we can if you need it. But by convention, we will arrange two engineers to the buyer’s factory for installation and commissioning and training, the buyer should be responsible for the round-trip tickets, accommodation and visa fee, and allowance of 50USD per day for each person. Usually, this only takes 1-2 days.

8. How Do You Ensure After-Sales Service?

We can guarantee that we will respond to your problem as soon as possible like before delivery. Whether it is technical support or other product needs.

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