Garden Hose Pipe OEM-PVC

Our garden hose pipe is the ideal solution for any watering task in the garden, farmland, or orchards. Custom production based on your requirements for thickness, length, and other physical or cosmetic requirements

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Garden Hose Pipe OEM-PVC

OEM PVC garden hose pipe is a new product line of JF machinery. Our garden hose is the ideal solution for any watering task in the garden, farmland, or orchards. 

Generally, PVC garden hose  is a flexible hose used to transport water in the garden,  of course, it can also be used in car washing, farm irrigation and other scenarios. The hose consists of two layers of smooth PVC pipe, reinforced with high tension polyester fiber in the middle. 


garden hosepipe


Advantages of our PVC garden hose pipe

by comparison


It is important to point out that we are a factory that produces hose pipe production equipment. It is the most important part of the production of pipes other than raw materials. Our machinery has been trusted by world famous brands including Samsung to purchase and use our extruders to produce PVC braided hose pipe. Therefore, we have reason to believe that we can also provide you with the perfect end product.

garden hosepipe

  • Consistent Quality

Firstly, we are a manufacturer of the production line, so there is no doubt that we have sufficient knowledge of the raw materials, the production process, and the factors that affect the quality of products. We can guarantee the quality of our products when using compliant raw materials. 


  • Stable Capacity

Secondary, our output advantage over other manufacturers is that we do not need to purchase production machines due to production shortages. We can directly add production facilities to guarantee delivery times. 


  • More selectivity

Finally, more product features, colors, and specifications for customers to choose from.


Specification of PVC Garden Hose Pipe


Product features are customizable:

  • Product length
  • OD and ID
  • Water pressure
  • UV resistant
  • Temperature range
  • Weight


Our secondary processes include winding and printing, including but not limited to printing logos, stripes, dates and times, and numeric sequences. As for the color of the hose, OEM according to customer requirements. 


Furthermore information on our extrusion line, it will be more convenient for you to understand the production process. PVC BRAIDED HOSE EXTRUSION MACHINE LINE

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