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Plastic Extrusion Cutter

Cutter machines also called take-off stations, it is for the precise cutting of extruded products.  There are many different types of cutting machines to meet the requirements of different product characteristics and quality. We offer various types of cutter machines to meets different requirements. We have sawed cutter, blade cutter, chipless cutter, and servo fly cutter.

Usable Raw Material

All thermoplastic raw materials

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It is not easy to intruduce all aspects of custom machines, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure you can find the information you want quickly. We have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

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Application of Plastic Extrusion Cutter

Extruder machines are used in many industrial production fields. This set of machinery can produce the following types of products

LDPE tube samples
Tube&Hose-industrial and medical use
Infrastructure Use Pipes extrusion machine
Pipe-construction and industrial use
Profile-LED lingting and cable duct
TPE Tourniquets sample
Band-TPE band and tourniquet

The Plastic Raw Materials Can Be Used By This Machine:

All thermoplastic raw materials

Description of Plastic Extrusion Cutter

The product para of single screw extruder

Blade Cutter

With a regular blade cutter, the blade is mounted on the rotating arm or wheel. Moreover, there is a bushing kit, it is to aid in the quality and tolerance of the cutting process. The blade is activated when the product passes through the bushing kit, then the blade cuts through the product. 

Many factors determine the quality and tolerance of the cutting, such as the type of blade, angle of attack, configuration, size of the bushing, etc.

Cutting Molds:

  1. On-demand one time

The meaning of this mode of cutting is that when the cutter receives a signal, the blade arm rotates once to cut off the product. The signals are emitted by timers, optical sensors, physical marker switches, or encoder wheels, etc.

   2. Continuous

The continuous cutting type uses the blade arm to rotate continuously at a given speed and the product passes through the bushing sleeve at a constant speed to determine the length of the cut.

Often used for very short lengths, or for very high production lines, where many cutters will also add multiple blades to achieve higher cutting rates.

Chipless cutting is the use of a guillotine-type blade with a cylinder or motor.

chipless cutter
Chipless Cutter
saw blade cutter
servo flying knife cutter

♦ Fly Knife Cutter

Flying knife cutting machine is a new type of chipless cutting machine. Using frequency control, fast cutting speed, and smooth cutting surface, especially suitable for cutting small diameter and short length tubes.


Usually for thick rigid products, and products that are prone to cracking are not suitable for blade cutters. These products then require the use of a saw. The saw will have a traveling table to match different configurations and process needs. 

Styles of Traveling Table:

1. Pneumatic

Use pneumatic cylinders to hold the product between the table and the fixture.

2. Servo

Use servo motors and belts or ball screws, etc. to move the table. Servo table movement is more accurate. Because it does not need to clamp the product to move the table, it will not make the product surface marks.

A Brief Self-Nomination - Why Choose Us

single screw extruder manufacturer
JF extruder plant

Single Screw Extruder Manufacturer and Combo Trader -JF Extruder, especially in complete precision Tube, Pipe, Profile and Braided Hose Pipe Extrusion Line.

We are committed to providing advanced thermoplastic extrusion equipment and suitable solutions for our customers. We are easily accessible and reliable. 

Our workshop is about 2000 square meters with experienced staffs.  Our machine has the CE certificate and a patented design. The quality of the product has been recognized by well-known companies such as Samsung.

The screw we use is produced by China’s TOP2 brand, and other components are directly supplied by the brand to ensure that overseas customers can get the brand’s warranty in the first time around the world.

We also have our own mold design and production department, and cooperate with many top mold manufacturers in China to ensure that customers with high accuracy requirements can get the best molds.

How Do We Guarantee Quality

We believe that to ensure the quality of products, we must start from the first step, not just assembling them into one machine.

Needs Confirm

We will not to make orders with many problems in the follow-up because of the customer’s unprofessionalism. Ensure  the machine can be used for a long time.

Parts Procurement

Ensure that the accessories are brand new, the latest model and have a warranty. Only major brand electronic components are purchased.

Outer Frame

The door of the outer frame are sprayed with special anti-rust paint for automobiles,  3 processes in the middle to ensure no corrosion.

Circuit Safety

The circuit connection is personally connected by an electrician engineer with more than 20 years, and checked by the boss.

Die head of extruder
testing of machine

Our Services


Trial-produced each set of equipment is completed,  samples will be handed over for confirmation before shipment. 

Spare Parts

Adequate fragile and consumable spare parts are provided free upon delivery. 18 months warranty for the whole machine


Customer needs come first, even in the smallest details. Those within the scope of ability will try their best to satisfy.

Global Support

24*7 contact. Free update and upgrade of intelligent system software. Remote authorization online diagnosis can be realized

FAQs About How To Choose Suitable Extrusion Machine

If you use PVC as the raw material, please must first determine whether the PVC raw material you use is granular or powder. If it is powder, please choose a manufacturer with twin-screw extruder, we cannot provide twin-screw extruder. If it is granular material, welcome you contact us for quotation.

As for other raw materials, just provide the specifications of the product you want to produce, such as diameter, wall thickness, etc. And finally, should your product be cut or wound, and what length is required? Do some pipes need colored marking? For profiles, it is best to provide drawings and pictures of the product.

As a manufacturer, we definitely know a lot of hidden risks to the machine configuration. For example, in order to save a set of machine, customer sometimes wants to use multiple materials or products with huge size differences in the same set of equipment. But generally, we will clearly inform customers that it’s not feasible, and will lead to customer loss. We do not want our customers to face various problems and risks in the future

Like air pumps, and industrial chillers are not produced by us. But we can help you to purchase, and NO commission will be charged.

Yes. It is. Set the required temperature after machine turned on, adjust vacuum pressure after the plasticization of the raw materials and entering the shaping mold. Set the length and weight of product you require, All the calculations and settings are fully automatic. Your workers only need to pack the product. We will also provide local language systems, such as Spanish, French, etc., as long as you can help us to check whether the translation is correct.

We will completely seal our machines with plastic film. Wooden box is subject to additional charges, it depends on customer need.

Ningbo (Ningpo), Zhejiang Province, China. It has the world’s busiest container port. Convenient for the shipping of  our machines overseas and saves inland shipping costs.


In view of the severity of the current global COVID-19 epidemic, our technicians cannot go abroad for installation and commissioning for the time being. However, we will still start testing and production at our site after production. Can provide video teaching, and on-site online meetings. And there are wiring diagrams, instructions, list of questions and other informations.

We will provide this service when the epidemic improves. We will arrange two engineers to the buyer’s factory for installation and commissioning and training, the buyer should be responsible for the round-trip tickets, accommodation and visa fee, and allowance of 50USD per day for each person. Usually, this only takes 1-2 days.

What we are focusing on is not how much profit can get from you at one time. We did not spend lot of money on advertising, promotion, and photo/video shooting and editing, even did’t to make the workshop shiny and the office decoration rich and expensive. We have saved these money for you. We hope to build our reputation through users recommendation.

We only focus on a few very mature categories. The most important thing is that the production quality of the machine is stable and the technology is mature. we have very stable suppliers of accessories and raw materials. This can ensure that customers can stably produce high-quality products and simple maintenance.

The employees are honest and professional. 90% of us are familiar manufacturing workers for more than 10 years, and several technicians are masters with more than 30 years of experience. They are very familiar with extruders and plastic raw materials.  We don’t hire the salesmen who run the train with their mouths. Our corporate culture is to be honest with customers, not only for commission, just sell it.

Tell Us Your Needs

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@jfextruder.com”