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TPE Extrusion Machine -Thermoplastic Elastomer

Extrusion line of single screw extrusion systems for a new modification plastics material-TPE/TPV. Not only tourniquets but also to produce the Elastic Stretching Band or Excise Band.

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JF Machinery specializes in designing and developing TPE extrusion lines for the production of TPE-based ribbons, such as TPE tourniquets and TPE  exercise bands. 


What is TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)?


TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), also known as artificial rubber or synthetic rubber. Its products not only have the high elasticity, aging resistance, and oil resistance of traditional cross-linked vulcanized rubber but also have the characteristics of convenient processing and comprehensive processing methods.

TPE raw materials have the following obvious advantages over natural or synthetic latex

  • Firstly, Reusable

When TPE products are crushed, they are 100% reusable. It not only simplifies the processing process but also reduces the processing cost. As a result, thermoplastic elastomer TPE materials have become the latest material to replace conventional rubber.

  • Secondary, Environmental friendly

It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It can be incinerated and does not contain toxic substances, which are not harmful to the environment. Therefore, it is also a more humane, high-grade new synthetic material and an environmentally friendly material by global standards.

We take a medical tourniquet extruder as an example to illustrate the extrusion of thermoplastic elastomers

What is TPE Tourniquet and TPE Extrusion Machine?


Why choose TPE instead of latex as the raw material for the tourniquet?


TPE-Thermoplastic elastomer, a thermoplastic material whose elasticity is close to rubber, is a rubber-plastic composite material. TPE tourniquet has many surface styles, both smooth and delicate, as well as skin texture. TPE tourniquet has good elasticity, small tensile deformation, and most importantly, it has high production efficiency (no vulcanization, production time is three times shorter than rubber) and is also easy to color.


The special blended TPE tourniquet material is a professional nano antibacterial formula that kills 99% of common bacteria in an instant, does not contain special proteins, and fully considers the safety of contact with human skin, not only does it not cause allergic reactions to special groups, And it has excellent elastic recovery or shrinkage.


People in the industry have recognized the excellent environmental protection and non-toxic characteristics of TPE tourniquet material. Meanwhile, TPE tourniquet material fully complies with food, medical, FDA, and other standards. Moreover, tested by the relevant means of the medical industry, it is odorless, almost pollution-free after high-temperature incineration of medical waste, and will not produce a large number of carcinogens like PVC materials. TPE tourniquet material can be in contact with human skin for a long time without any allergic reaction.


What is TPE Extrusion?

TPE tourniquet extrusion line

Extruded products using TPE as raw materials are quite extensive, such as fitness equipment tension tubes, tension bands, tension strips, sealing strips, rubber bands, earphone cords, adhesive carpets, tourniquets, etc.

Extrusion production using TPE as a raw material has quite a lot of requirements for extruders, We have overcome many technical difficulties, that our machine avoids the following problems that are easily generated when extruding TPE products:

  1. Extrusion output instability
  2. The rough surface of the finished product
  3. Finished product deformation
  4. The surface of the finished product has stripes

The TPE tourniquet extrusion line is our most mature TPE production line, equipped with a patent slitting and cutting machine. Fully automatic operation without manual intervention.



Particularly Components of TPE Extrusion Machine Line


 ♦ SJ65/30 Single Screw Extruder 

TPE Tourniquets extrusion machine


  • Screw: TPE special, Hard chrome plated surface
  • Motor: 22KW 6 pole frequency conversion motor (Brand: SIEMENS BEIDE)
  • Inverter: 22KW (Brand: ABB)
  • Gearbox/Reducer: ZLYJ 173 Hard teeth surface. The motor and gearbox are directly connected together with a coupling
  • Heating: Solid state relay (Brand: FOTEK).
  • The screw is heated by cast aluminum heating rings, with stainless steel hoods and cooling fans, automatic temperature control
  • Heating Control system: Intelligent LCD temperature controller. (Brand: RKC Japan)


♦ Two-Wheel Roller Machine with Cooling Tank                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  • Length of cooling tank: 2.5 meters
  • The width of the pressure roller: 250mm
  • Teflon coating on the surface of the rollers,  and there will be cold water in the center
  • Motor: 1.1kw and 1.5kw ABB inverter



♦ Slitting/Cutting Machine with Puller Machine   

Thermoplastic elastomer Tourniquets cutting machine

TPE Tourniquets cutting machine

  • Including tractor, pneumatic punching, with punching blade, computer board control, encoder fixed length,  with pneumatic slitting knife
  • Tractor/Puller Motor: 1.1kw with 1.5kw ABB inverter


TPE Tourniquets sample

TPE Tourniquets sample

Thermoplastic elastomer- yoga band

TPE exercise band sample

1. Are You A Plastic Extrusion Machine Manufacturer?

Yes, We are. Jinxin machinery is responsible for production, and Firerymed trading is responsible for export business. We are partners, not another dealer or middle man.

2. What Is Your Company Specialized In?

We specialize in the manufacture of single screw extruders and downstream machines used to extrusion plastic products. Especially the extrusion line of tube, small diameter pipe, and lighting profile.

3. Where Is Your Factory Located?

Ningbo (Ningpo), Zhejiang Province, China. It has the world’s busiest container port. Convenient for the shipping of our machines overseas and saves inland shipping costs.

4. Why Should We Choose You Over Others?

We are confident that our pricing is significantly lower than competitors with similar configurations. We also have confidence that the quality and service. Most of our customers will continue to purchase our machines after use.

5. What Do You Think Is Your Biggest Advantage?

  1. Honest and sincere attitude is our first advantage, not how good we are boasting or how cheap our product seems to be.
  2. We offer bridges to your needs and our solution addresses your pain—”before VS after”.
  3. Our product is able to achieve your desired result and performance.
  4. Our market performance and customer referral allow for your joined trust.
  5. We obtained the appearance patent and practical patent of a system to ensure accurate production.

6. How Do You Ensure Your Product Quality?

The parts we purchase are all traceable and brand new. Must be tested for their performance, speed, and productivity by our team before delivery can provide the necessary video evidence to customers.

7. Will You Help Us Install And Debug The Machine?

Yes, we can if you need it. But by convention, we will arrange two engineers to the buyer’s factory for installation and commissioning and training, the buyer should be responsible for the round-trip tickets, accommodation and visa fee, and allowance of 50USD per day for each person. Usually, this only takes 1-2 days.

8. How Do You Ensure After-Sales Service?

We can guarantee that we will respond to your problem as soon as possible like before delivery. Whether it is technical support or other product needs.


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