PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose Extrusion Line

PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose Extrusion Line - Used to produce washing machine inlet pipe

Location: Thailand

Material: PVC


PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose Extrusion line components

• 2 sets of SJ65/28 Single Screw Extruders (inner and outer)

• 2 sets of Cooling Water Tanks

• 2 sets of Puller Machines

• 1 set Yarn Braiding Machine with 28 Yarn Threads

• 1 set Auto Flying knife Servo Cutting Machine

• Other Auxiliary Accessories such as Auto Feeder etc.

Samsung washing machine inlet pipe sample made by our machine

Basic information of customer

This customer purchased our pvc fiber reinforced hose extrusion line for the production of washing machine inlet pipe, which is the hosepipe that connects the washing machine and the water tap.


It is made of three layers of PVC and yarn braided fiber, and the product requirements are soft tube, high pressure resistance, thickened explosion-proof. As the original pipe supplier for Samsung washing machines, customers require that products manufactured by our extrusion line must pass Samsung's quality inspection before they purchased.


We are proud that the quality of hosepipe made by our machine has been recognized by Samsung. And the integrated control system greatly improves the customer's production efficiency, the stable production quality also makes their cooperation with Samsung more enjoyable.

braiding in process

Customer Testimony 


♦ PLC system integrated control, both the inner and outer extruders and even downstream machines can be controlled on one screen, We can detect all parameters in real-time to prevent production errors of multilayer products.


♦ The knitting machines are designed and made completely according to the characteristics of our production line, can be perfectly matched with the puller machine, the braided mesh tube is very uniform, ensuring the softness and compression resistance of the product.


♦ For a large-scale factory, the networked inspection system allows us to see the machine running in the office computer, reducing errors and saving a lot of costs.

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