Thermoforming Tube Extrusion Line

Thermoforming Tube Extrusion Line -
Eyebrow Pencil Tube (Turkey)

Location: Turkey

Material: PVC Thermoforming

Production Line Components:

• 1 set Temperature Control Version Single Screw Extruder

• 1 set Cooling Water Tank

• 1 set Haul off (Puller) Machine

• 1 set Cutter

• Other Auxiliary Accessories

Trukish tube extrusion line

Basic information of the customer

This customer purchased our tube extrusion line for the production of Eyebrow Pencil Tube, of course, this is just one part of an eyebrow pencil, many other processes are needed.

Customer is doing OEM for some European beauty brands, they have the specific requirements for quality to meet "Made in European" standards. There are specific requirements for the smooth and stable tube diameter of the extruded product and the no trace of appearance. For us, these requirements can be fully met as long as the proportion of raw materials meets the requirements.

Turkish 2

Customer Testimony

Because labor in Turkey is not expensive, the customer does not need the new Industry 4.0 version to save him labor and other costs, and it is more difficult to maintain the new system locally, so JF machinery recommends the most classic temperature control version. It can not only meet the output requirements to the greatest extent but also achieve stable quality and simple maintenance. High price and performance ratio, the second-order will come soon.

eyebrow pencil sample

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